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Cryptid-Creations: Iguanana

Another 3D sculpt based on the paintings by Cryptid-Creations, AKA Piper Thibodeau.
Seriously, these sculpts are so much fun to work on - Piper's images are just so quirky and creative.

You can see the original painting here:

Piper does daily paintings and yesterday (Feb 20th 2019) just released painting number 2282. That's over six years of completing a new painting every single day!

You can support Piper Thibodeau's work at her work over at her Patreon page:

Created in Blender 2.79
Touch ups added in Photoshop.
Time taken: I worked on this for the past week doing an hour or so each day. So...around 8 hours?

iguanana turntable

Original paint by Piper Thibodeau.

Original paint by Piper Thibodeau.